Management & History

A History of Continuity and change.Tradition and innovation

We are a family-run company in its fifth generation. For more than seventy years, our company has been supplying customers in the confectionery industry with starch trays. However, the company‘s roots and scope extend further than this.

Each generation brings new challenges and since its beginnings, Treiber Trays has been open to new technological developments and materials. From its inception as a wainwright‘s workshop, the company has evolved to a world leading provider of starch trays for the confectionery industry under the leadership of a precision metal machinist and is now branching into the world of plastics.

Treiber Trays


Gerhard Treiber


In his role as Managing Director, Gerhard Treiber ensures that the standards of quality and continuity are upheld within the company while taking the responsibility for Treiber Trays‘ worldwide presence.

Gerhard Treiber studied Industrial Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and, thanks to his unique combination of business and technical knowledge, he is well equipped to satisfy the needs of particular customers.

Thomas Treiber


The youngest member of the team, Thomas Treiber oversees the Business Development, Marketing and Innovation units within the company.

Mr Treiber graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Freie Universität Berlin and has spent several months at the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain on an exchange semester. Supported by the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Thomas Treiber is currently pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration at Freie Universität Berlin.



Treiber Trays was founded in an era when streets were still filled with horse-drawn carriages. The first two generations of the company manufactured bodies and wheels made of wood and metal for these vehicles.


The breakthrough of the automobile and rubber tires necessitated a strategic change. With great entrepreneurial spirit and inventiveness, a wide range of different new products was tested, including sewing machine parts and furniture.


First Starch Trays
Of the various products the company worked with, starch trays for the confectionery industry showed the greatest success and Treiber became the pioneer in their industrial production.


A rapid increase in the popularity of gum and jelly products meant that, in 1965, the first trays were exported overseas to North America. In the years to come, Treiber Trays started to export to Asia, South America and Africa.


Plastic Trays
In order to meet the needs of all our customers in the confectionery industry, Treiber Trays expanded its product range to include plastic trays.

»We ensure a highly productive and reliable operation of mogul plants, resulting in higher productivity and  profitability for our customers.«