Plastic Starch Trays

Quality.Made of Plastic

For over seventy years, Treiber Trays is known for quality
starch trays. Take a closer look what this means.

Prevents starch from slipping during transport
No sharp edges = No splinters and less abrasion
Defined by the pressing tool. Less manual reworking.
Lower weight and material costs
More stability. No warping.
improves air circulation of the hot air in the drying room and reduces drying time of your products

qualityThrough modern production

In a stack of 3.30 m, each starch tray needs to be stacked perfectly on top of another. This is why every tray must be of the exact same geometrical dimensions. There is no room for tolerances.

Compression molding ensures the required accuracy and reproducibility. Modern press systems and accurate shaping tools guarantee consistent high quality even when producing batches involving hundreds of thousands of trays.

Precise and durable pressing tools

  • The key to consistent high quality and reproducibility is the quality of the shaping pressing tool
  • That is why we particularly value first-class pressing tools “made in Germany”. Our toolmakers have decades of experience in plastics processing and also manufacture tools for Daimler and BMW
  • Tool manufacturing for your customized tray design in a very short time frame

Modern and accuratepresses

  • Tray manufacturing with high-speed, high-precision presses
  • Optimal efficiency of the production process ensures high production output and low costs
  • Guarantee of reproducible parts quality

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