Starch Trays
made of Wood

quality.Made of Wood

For over seventy years, Treiber Trays is known for quality starch trays.
Take a closer look at what this means.

Smooth surface. No warping.
No sharp edges = Reduced splinters and abrasion.
Guarantee excellent stackability.
All edges carefully chamfered.

qualityThrough modern production

High productivity

  • Treiber Trays has a capacity of up to 6,000 wooden trays per day
  • Enables the production of large quantity orders in very short time frames

Flexible technology

  • Processing of wood is much more flexible than plastic processing
  • With our large machinery, Treiber Trays can produce almost any tray of any size

Quality management

  • Every wooden tray is carefully scrutinized dozens of times during the manufacturing process
  • The quality management system combines careful craftsmanship and passion for detail with modern methods. It is certified under ISO 9001 and reviewed annually

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