Plastic Starch Trays

Quality.Made of Plastic

For over seventy years, Treiber Trays is known for quality
starch trays. Take a closer look what this means.

Prevents starch from slipping during transport
No sharp edges = No splinters and less abrasion
Defined by the pressing tool. Less manual reworking.
Lower weight and material costs
More stability. No warping.
improves air circulation of the hot air in the drying room and reduces drying time of your products
In Operation

quality.Enhances your productivity

Get the most out of your mogul operation!

Less downtime, maximum output.

No Splinters. Easy handlingClean production

  • Precisely shaped gaps between the feet allow for secure gripping and loading of your Mogul
  • Use of high-quality SMC prevents wear, splinters and abrasion
  • Treiber Trays ensure efficient and clean production

No JammingSmooth transport

  • Accurately worked trays run smoothly through all kinds of transport systems
  • No jamming
  • Treiber Trays support highly-precise and rapid depositing

No SlippingTrouble-free stacking

  • Trays always stack perfectly one on top of the next – even when produced in batches of hundreds of thousands
  • The trays’ design and finish prevent the trays and starch from slipping
  • Treiber Trays guarantee safe transport of your candy in the stacks

Trays can be stacked
to a total height of at least
Treiber Trays are designed
for a minimum line speed of
Treiber Trays have a
lifetime of up to
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